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Come join us at the pool, we have great people that swim on the Waves.  The strength and enjoyment of our team comes from the
wonderful families and friends that comprise the club. 


                      It is never too late to join - try the Waves, stop by                               the pool, give us a call, or send us an email if you                              need more info.
Look at the ABOUT US/FAQ page, the calendar and under fees
for more information.
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Upcoming Waves News & Dates to note:
Waves 20152016 season calendar updated on 11-22-15

Nov.1st Sun. - Fremont Black Swamp Meet    Fremont Ross HS

Nov 7th Sat. Fall Breakout meet   at Solon HS

Nov. 15th Sun. YSU Bobblehead Gobbler Meet

Dec.6th Sun. - Shaker Shark Meet at CSU

Dec. 12th Sat.  Waves hosted meet at Lakewood HS
- all Waves parents neded to help run meet.  Click both these links to sign-up...

Dec. 20th Sun. - Candy Cane Meet at Sandusky Perkins HS

Jan 8th Fri.- 5-6-7-8 grade dual meet at Beachood HS 5:30 Warm-ups

Jan. 9&10 Sat&Sun. - Fremont Puppy Mania meet

Jan 17 Sun.  -  Lakewood Scullion meet

New swimmers give us a call or email, find out how you can be a more awesome swimmer!  NOW is a great time.
If you are looking for information
about the Waves, please email us or
give Head Coach John Bailey a call at 440-892-3936

Get to Practice, Swim Hard, Focus & Get Better & Faster!!!
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Thank you to all of the Waves who came by for picture day, Thanks to all of these Waves for their hard work.